Parallel Solar Panel Cable Kit (Cut to Length)


  • A pair of solar cables with junction cables and 30A blocking diodes.
  • Designed to connect two separate solar panels or arrays to a charge controller.
  • Suitable for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, RVs and boats.
  • 1500V and 44A DC rated cable.
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This kit includes everything you need to easily connect two solar panels or arrays together in a parallel configuration and connect it up to a solar charge controller. The kit includes a set of 4mm2 junction cables, a pair of blocking diodes and a pair of custom cut 4mm2 extension cables for connecting the charge controller.

Solar panels connected in parallel configuration have a lower operating voltage than the equivalent series configuration which can help lower the risk of electrical shock. Blocking diodes will also prevent reverse currents damaging your solar system in the event where one area of the array maybe shaded and another in full sunlight.

The diodes are rated at 30A – this should be more than sufficient for most small scale off-grid setups but can be checked by finding the maximum short circuit current of each connected panel. The diodes also have universal MC4 plugs, with their respective male and female polarity making it impossible to wire incorrectly.

The sturdy double insulation and multistrand construction protects each cable from the effects of mechanical stress, abrasions, vibration, changing weather conditions and UV light.

Each cable has a cross sectional area of 4mm or 12AWG and is electrically rated for a maximum of 1500V and 44A DC, which makes them suitable for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, RVs and boats.