Blade Fuse Board with Battery Cable


  • Protects DC equipment from shorts and surges.
  • Indicates the presence of a blown fuse.
  • Cable connects directly to leisure batteries with an M8 stud.
  • Accepts standard, ATC or ATO automotive blade fuses.
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A simple blade-style fuse board designed to protect DC equipment from shorts and surges. The fuse board has four channels, each rated at 32 volts and 30 amps maximum and can accept standard, ATC or ATO blade fuses. Each fuse channel output features a common spade crimp connection alongside a convenient status indicator that illuminates a red LED in the presence of a blown fuse.

The fuse board is supplied with a 16mm2 (6 AWG) battery cable that can easily be connected to any DC source rated at up to 100 amps. The cable is crimped with an 8mm ring terminal that can be connected directly to a battery with M8 studs or connected to a battery clamp for batteries with post style connections.

The fuse board has two screw holes for mounting on any flat or upright surface and can be easily monitored through the clear plastic casing which also protects against basic ingress and accidental tampering.