Welcome to the resources page! This is a collection of learning materials that I have curated from my experience working on the Kickstart Kamper project. It is designed to help the prospective off-grid community understand everything from renewable generation to water collection in more detail.

My aim with this series is to promote the feasibility of sustainability with an end goal to compile these materials into a convenient paper format that can make low-carbon lifestyles and technologies more accessible to a much larger audience.

Below you will find a comprehensive breakdown of each topic area that is a result of my own research and experimentation. In addition to the best practices detailed in each section, I have also included some key product recommendations that have been tried and tested for all those that are interested.

Kickstart Kamper Resources: A Complete Off-Grid Guide to Solar Power

A Complete Off-Grid Guide to Solar Power

This is a first draft of my guide to building of-grid solar power systems. I am planning to split this section into multiple articles so that it is not too long but nothing is left out either.



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