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The Kickstart Kamper project has teamed up with RS Components’ Grassroots Education in an effort to promote our sustainability goals. We will be working closely with the academic community on a range of student led challenges that revolve around campervans, alternative living and the sustainable technologies that enable them. The challenge will draw on a number of key themes like improving the scope of renewables and expanding the limits of self-sufficiency on a compact scale.

Working alongside the Grassroots Education team we have launched our challenge on the DesignSpark community website in addition to a range of articles about off-grid resources and the conversion of the campervan itself. We will be looking forward to working with students across the various forms of communications we have set up to specifically engage with the project. If you’re interested, you can visit the Kickstart Kamper landing page on DesignSpark here.

You can also follow my articles on DesignSpark here.